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Our Top 5 Products From our Natural Elegance Collection


Recently there has been a move toward natural materials and finishes. The Natural Elegance collection features sustainable furniture built from reclaimed wood and materials that celebrate the natural world. Here's a roundup of our top five pieces in the collection, from urban chic furniture to luxurious leather furniture, and even a dining table that started life as a boat. Whether you prefer dark wood furniture or light wood furniture, you'll find something to love.

1. Baumhaus Urban Chic Round Dining Table

The Urban Chic furniture range is unique, environmentally friendly, and beautifully colourful. Wood reclaimed from old fishing boats and buildings in Southern India is used to craft this dining table. Truly, it's a showstopper with a great story that will add a splash of industrial chic to your kitchen or dining room and become a conversation starter.

Baumhaus Urban Chic Round Dining Table by Harley & Lola

2. Pacific Lifestyle Jatani Distressed Rock & Brushed Mango Wood Console Table 

Never lose your keys again with this gorgeous console. It will create a home base for essentials by your hallway or door. Mango wood furniture has a beautiful grey sheen which complements the distressed rock countertop. The swooping frame is original and adds a flare that makes this a must-have for your home.

Pacific Lifestyle Jatani Distressed Rock & Brushed Mango Wood Console Table by Harley & Lola

3. Nordic Reclaimed Retro Coffee Table with Shelf 

Sleek, Nordic style will never go out of fashion, and you can own a statement piece to be proud of with this dark wood coffee table. Brushed steel is used in the frame to give an industrial look that works perfectly with the sustainable wood to create an edgy style. There's even a shelf so you'll never run out of space to stash magazines.

Nordic Reclaimed Retro Coffee Table with Shelf by Harley & Lola

4. Explorer Cushion Chair 

When searching for leather furniture, look no further. This leather chair is an eye catching, vintage style seat in the form of a soft tan leather cushion supported by a solid metal frame. The leather chair is designed to look and feel perfectly worn in and elevates any living space with refined style.

Explorer Cushion Chair by Harley & Lola

5. Baumhaus Urban Chic Alcove Bookcase 

Sustainable furniture has so much character, and this bookcase is no exception. The beautifully aged timber is used to create a contemporary piece of furniture full of function and style. The slim silhouette means it will fit into almost any room and add some much-needed storage without sacrificing any style.

Baumhaus Urban Chic Alcove Bookcase (with drawers) by Harley & Lola


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Posted on April 11 2018
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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