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Our Favourite Global Fusion Accessories

Our Favourite Global Fusion Accessories

Forget about singular interior design - it's all about mixing and matching what feels right for you. With our Global Fusion collection, we explore why merging your interior styles is not only fun - it's a fantastic way to furnish your home. Combine a bit of Nordic interior with some Oriental style and end up with something completely original. Take a look at our favourite accessories from the Global Fusion collection.

Honeycomb Storage Jar

These gorgeous storage jars manage to combine old world sweet jar charm with modern design elements in the most delightful way. We love the honeycomb detailing that makes the style just that little bit different, but it's the unique curved shape that really draws the eye. Ideal as an addition to any sideboard or even kitchen surface to store anything from sweets to potpourri.

Honeycomb Storage Jar by Harley & Lola

Makti Lamp

Nothing quite says 'cosy' like your own personal light show. Not only is this lamp ideal to set the mood in any room, it's made out of stunning materials, including antique brass, to give it that old-world feel. Transport your living room or bedroom to a different dimension with this calm-inducing lamp that we're sure will help your stresses fall away.

Makti Lamp by Harley & Lola

Tapas Serving Paddle

Sometimes simple really is best. For vibrant and plentiful food like tapas, all you really need is a neutral backdrop to let your cooking (or shopping!) skills shine. The perfect addition to any coffee table or sideboard, this serving paddle is understated but elegant.

Tapas Serving Paddle by Harley & Lola

Heart Aqua Bowl

Have you ever seen such a stunning shade of blue? Almost azure in colour, this bowl is sure to provide a fantastic focal piece whether you choose to keep it around as a decorative item or use it for food presentation. This icy blue conjures images of Nordic homes in combination with the startling blue featured in our oriental collection.

Aqua Longboat bowl by Harley & Lola

Dombo Lizard

What's not to love about a friendly garden lizard? Dombo, as he's affectionately known, is as stylish as he is beautiful. Created in a deep blue hue, the Dombo Lizard is sure to stand out amongst your window box, flower pots or garden patio as a piece of artwork.

Dombo Lizard by Harley & Lola

We hope you love Global Fusion as much as we do. See the full collection here!

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