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Natural Elegance Design Tips for Your Dining Room

Natural Elegance Design Tips for Your Dining Room

The natural elegance trend is all about using natural materials in elegant designs to bring an urban yet warm feel to your dining room. 

Choosing the Perfect Dining Table

When searching for dining room furniture look for items with unusual textures and finishes through reclaimed wood, leather, wool and unfinished steel. A reclaimed wood dining table such as the Baumhaus Urban Chic round dining table, will suit a small space. The stunning industrial design uses colourful reclaimed wood for a truly unique look.

For a natural, elegant finish you could look for a table which fits elegantly into its surroundings - a mango wood dining table, like the Hoxton Birdcage round bistro table, will make a great centre piece. Designed to comfortably seat four people, with an elegant industrial base and a mango wood top, it is a stunning choice.

Soft Furnishings

Once you have picked out your table, it is time to add some finishing touches to your natural and elegant finish. Look for dark colours to create a sense of warmth or muted tones to bring your furniture to life. Luxurious rugs, lamps and soft furnishings look great with the natural, industrial look. A great option is to find an unusual yet elegant rug to complete your dining room. The Palm blue rug from the Plantation Rug Company is ideal. The subtle design creates an elegant feel, while the pure wool finish complements the natural style of the furniture.


If you are looking to spend some time re-decorating your dining room, the natural elegance range includes some stunning wallpaper designs, chosen to complement the dining room furniture. The Lime Washed Boards wallpaper is a beautiful grey colour, great for complementing the unusual colours and finishes of the reclaimed wood furniture.

Finishing Touches

No dining room is complete without a show stopping mirror and the large Baumhaus Urban Chic mirror is very impressive. The metal outer frame will look stunning when paired with the industrial style dining table and the reclaimed wood gives a natural finish. For the perfect look, position above a naturally elegant sideboard.

Take a look at the full Natural Elegance collection for some more great inspiration.

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