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How to Create the Global Fusion Look in your Living Room

How to Create the Global Fusion Look in your Living Room

Blending a wide range of styles and influences from all over the world, Global Fusion is an interior design trend set to change the way people buy furniture and home decor. It is not an easily definable look due to its eclectic nature, but it is full of elegance, exoticism and vibrancy, and exudes a sense of hand-crafted beauty. The living room, as the focal point of a home, is the perfect place to show off your best interiors, so read on for guidance on how to achieve a Global Fusion feel - remember though, it is all about you as an individual.

1. Small Blue Oriental Decorated Cabinet 

Oriental furniture is a big part of the Global Fusion trend, and this Nine Schools cabinet is a great way to brighten up any living room. Its intricate design makes it wonderfully eye-catching, while its small size means it will not overwhelm a space.

Baumhaus The Nine Schools Oriental Decorated Blue Medium Cabinet by Harley & Lola

2. Geometric Cube Rug 

To offset the more intricate and flowery pattern of oriental designs, opting for a geometric rug can be the perfect way to fully embrace the Global Fusion ethos. The trend is all about mixing things up, and this modern design is a great way to do it.

Plantation Rug Co. Geometric Cube Grey and Yellow by Harley & Lola

3. Hoxton Cross Leg Coffee Table 

As mentioned earlier, Global Fusion is all about hand-crafted elegance, something truly embodied by this reclaimed wood coffee table. Its rustic wood provides a great feeling of cosiness and warmth, fundamental to any living room.

Hoxton Cross Leg Coffee Table by Harley & Lola

4. Nine Schools Large White Sideboard 

If you are looking for a great centrepiece for your living room, look no further than this beautiful oriental sideboard. With plenty of drawer and cupboard space, it is perfect for storing your odds and ends and keeping the living space tidy, while simultaneously providing a real sense of oriental opulence.

Baumhaus The Nine Schools Qing White Large Sideboard by Harley & Lola

5. Babloo Lamp 

Finally, one of the most important things to think about for any living room is how it is lit. This lamp provides a warm and understated feel, with a gold lacquer material to add to the opulent Global Fusion feel.

Babloo Lamp by Harley & Lola

If these items make you feel inspired, visit our Global Fusion collection. There’s so much to choose from!

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