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How to Create the Global Fusion Look in Your Dining Room

How to Create the Global Fusion Look in Your Dining Room

Global fusion is a very popular trend in interior design styling and this looks set to continue. If you want to create an exotic global fusion style in your home, look for items which combine individual patterns, shapes and textures with striking, oriental pieces. The aim is to create an international, eclectic finish to remind people of far flung places visited around the world.

Select a Stunning Dining Table or Sideboard

When thinking about designing the dining room, a great place to start is by picking a great dining table. The Tribeca dining table is a very versatile item and will create a stunning backdrop for some bold furniture and artwork around the dining room. Designed to seat six people comfortably and with a concrete top, it is sure to last for many years.

Tribeca Dining table by Harley & Lola

No dining room is complete without a sideboard or console table, they provide the perfect place to store glasses, cutlery and smaller decorative items. If you have a large dining room, an oriental sideboard will look perfect. Take a look at the Baumhaus The Nine School Qing Oyster Grey large sideboard, which provides excellent storage and a stunning finish.

 Baumhaus The Nine Schools Qing Oyster Grey Large Sideboard by Harley & Lola

In a smaller room, the Baumhaus The Nine Schools Qing white console table would be ideal. Both pieces are beautifully finished with gold leaf edging and antique copper metal, a stunning contrast to the light finish.

Baumhaus The Nine Schools Qing White Console Table by Harley & Lola

Add Beautiful Accessories

A colourful rug is the perfect way to finish a global fusion look in a dining room. The Silk Lane large round rug will give the room a blast of colour and will look perfect on a wood, tiled or carpeted flooring. Manufactured from recycled silk for a truly unique finish, it will look great with many colours and patterns around your dining room.

Silk Lane Large Round Rug by Harley & Lola

If you are looking for something slightly more understated, the Medina blue rug from the Plantation Rug Company would be perfect.

Plantation Rug Co. Medina Blue by Harley & Lola

When choosing items from the global fusion range you can be as bold and unique as you like. Whether you are looking for a few items to give a touch of the exotic or a truly vibrant look with a multitude of colours and patterns, our global fusion range has some stunning items.

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