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How to Create an Industrial Feel in your Living Room


There is no living room design that screams effortless cool quite like an industrial style. You might choose to expose bricks in the walls, and juxtapose them with monochrome prints, classical windows and shaggy rugs on the floor. Iron piping that can be exposed is a potent feature for this look, and treated wooden floors can bring the whole design together. However, you don't need to live in a loft conversion to create an industrial-style living room, this can be achieved through the use of appropriate furniture, and reclaimed wood fits naturally with this look when you choose the right items.

Getting the Sideboard Right

When simplicity and rustic chic is the goal, you could do a lot worse than this Nordic Reclaimed Retro High Dresser.

Nordic Reclaimed Retro High Dresser by Harley & Lola

It combines the beautiful reclaimed wood panels of the drawers with a robust, emphatic steel frame that includes glorious rounded edges for a unique overall look. The frame is lightly brushed for an extra industrial effect, and the steel handles on the drawers round off the gritty feel. This unit will look the part in your industrial-style living room, adding a surface to put extra decorative items on as well as three drawers for a functional storage solution.

Tables for the Perfect Living Space

Your living room wouldn't be complete without something to put your coffee mugs and plates on, and a reclaimed wood coffee table will fit that bill brilliantly. The Coastal Chic coffee table is a delightfully minimalist piece that will fulfil the dual purpose of being a table and highlighting the overall industrial look in your living room.

 Baumhaus Coastal Chic Coffee Table by Harley & Lola

The combination of iron and colourful wood is perfect for the urban feel, and this reclaimed wood table delivers the ideal balance. Keep your living room space comfortable and inviting with some stylish furniture choices.

Add a Soft Touch

Don't be afraid to add some soft touches to your living room. Colourful soft furnishings such as cushions, throws or a colourful rug can add great finishing touches to the industrial theme. The Think Rugs Sunrise rug is probably our favourite contemporary rug and will add a fabulous focal point to your living room.

Think Rugs Sunrise 9349A by Harley & Lola

The industrial look makes a bold statement in contemporary interior design. The Harley & Lola collection of reclaimed wood furniture can help achieve this aesthetic in every room of the house, showcasing the powerful properties of old timber to impress and impact. Keep it real with these superb pieces for your living room.

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Posted on October 19 2018
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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