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Top 5 Garden Party Ideas and Essentials


Garden Parties are one our favourite things about the Summer! However, often the thought of hosting can put many people off the idea. We think hosting Summer parties should be a joyous experience and a chance to show off your fabulous tastes in design and style. Here are our top 5 essentials for garden party ideas.

1) Dining

As a nation of foodies, key to a great British garden party is great food. Whether simply a BBQ, or more of a fanciful fine dining affair, you will want to have the perfect setting for you and your guests to enjoy the labours of culinary love. A stunning outdoor furniture dining set is sure to set the scene for the perfect lunch or dinner party in your garden. We have a fantastic range of garden tables and chairs, such as this beautifully sleek aluminium Verona 4 Seater Dining Set.



2) Tableware

Some lovely tableware can really set the scene for Summer indulgence. We have a lovely range of tableware including wooden salad bowls and serving trays that will add that extra stylish zing to your dining space. These delightful tapas bowls, made from acacia wood, are perfect for sides and dips.



3) Lounging

Keep you and your guests comfy with garden loungers to soak up the days rays, or to relax in with a glass of something chilled. Sun loungers are perfect, or perhaps really get something unique with one of our supremely comfortable day beds! 



4) Lighting

The party doesn't have to stop when the Sun goes down. Turn your garden into an enchanted wonderland with some garden party decorations in the form of rustic candle holders or lanterns. These Black Cage Candle Holders look simply delightful with patio furniture or flowerbeds. 

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 5) Music

No party is complete without the latest Summer sounds. Fill the air with chilled out tunes and dance through the day and night! With the Bayan Soundscene Speakers you won't have to worry about them getting ruined as they are specifically designed for the outdoors!

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Posted on July 14 2017
by: Sam Kean

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