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Dine in Style with our Relaxed Nordic Collection


If you want your dining room to feel cosy yet spacious, intimate yet inviting, have a look at our Relaxed Nordic collection. This theme takes the most calming and inviting aspects of the world-famous Scandinavian design principles and uses them to create a relaxing and stylish dining experience. Here are some aspects of the style that you can employ to get this unmistakable Nordic style in your own dining room.

Less is More

The Relaxed Nordic look is calming in its simplicity, so less is more when it comes to furniture. Because of this, you need to get the most out of every piece of furniture that you do use. For a great example, take a look at the Wycombe Oak Dining Table from Frank Hudson. It is simple, sleek and sophisticated, yet its flared leg design also adds the iconic sense of individuality that you expect from Scandinavian furniture.

Frank Hudson Wycombe Dining Table by Harley & Lola

Earthy Colours

Earthy, natural and organic colours mixed with pastel shades are central to the calming yet warming feel that Relaxed Nordic brings to spaces -- so solid wood furniture, especially oak furniture, is key. The Kielder Solid Oak Dining Table fits the bill perfectly, especially when combined with the Kielder Oak Dining Chairs, which are made with the same degree of elegance.

Frank Hudson Kielder Dining Table by Harley & Lola

Intimate Lighting

Using warm, gentle light directly by the dining table will help to create that cosy, intimate dining feel that the Scandinavian design is known for. The Bud Candelabra is a great example of this, adding style as well as functionality. You can even get two, intertwining them together to increase the room’s sense of individuality.

Bud Candelabra by Harley & Lola

Colour Focus

The calming greys, organic woods and warming pastels should make up the bulk of the colours in your dining room, but they require some contrast to bring them out and complete the look. Add pops of colour throughout your room with a colourful rug like this Plantation Rug Co Impressions Rug.

Plantation Rug Co. Impressions by Harley & Lola

Or why not add a fabulous pendant lamp such as the Silvia Copper pendant.

Vita Silvia Copper Pendant by Harley & Lola

Explore our Relaxed Nordic Collection from the comfort of your home!



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Posted on February 28 2018
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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