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Design Tips: Decorating your Outdoor Room


Whether you have a sunroom, an orangery or a conservatory, you'll enjoy the natural light and the opportunity to bring the outdoors indoors. If you want to create a stunning space that makes the very best of the fusion of garden and interior space, first be clear on how you use your outdoor room. Is it a family space, a place for pursuing work or hobbies or somewhere you entertain? 

Picking your Palette

With so much natural light, you'll want to keep the palette either light and neutral with accents of colour in your soft furnishings. Alternatively, keep the furnishings neutral and throw the focus on a colourful floor. For example, a beautiful rug will lend a subtle organic tone to a conservatory floor. This Balmy rug is a perfect addition to any floor.

Choose a Focal Point

Creating a focal point with a garden sculpture, this is a clever way to bring garden and interior together. The contemporary curves and light reflective qualities of this fabulous Dance sculpture would make the most of the natural light. 

When night falls, create stunning lighting effects with the copper petals of the Silvia lamp shade.

Extra Living Space or Informal Dining?

Rattan furniture is the ideal choice for an outdoor room, effortlessly bridging the indoor/outdoor divide. The fabulous Port Royal garden furniture range comes in a number of colourways and styles to suit every garden room from the more traditional to the contemporary.

The addition of one of our rattan garden sofas with a small informal dining table instantly transforms your outdoor room into a space for relaxed and informal conversation and entertaining.

Finishing Touches

A garden room can often be more playful and relaxed in design than the rest of the home. Leafy green plants and accessories like lanterns, candles and birdcages can all blend the decor in with the outdoors.

Cushions and throws help to carry the indoors to outdoors theme and provide extra comfort on cooler days. Choose a Floral Cushion for a timeless appeal, or the Skagen cushion for a contemporary feel. 

Lastly - don't forget to add plenty of greenery in the form of a variety of plants!



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Posted on May 03 2017
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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