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Design Tip: Create a Natural Elegance Look in Your Living Room


Natural elegance is all about achieving simplicity and style through the use of natural textures of wood, metal and leather to create interiors that are comfortable and easy to live with.

By combining your existing pieces with tactile textures you can easily create warmth in your living space. For example, add a Titanic Retro Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table for an urban edge.

Nordic Reclaimed Retro Coffee Table with Shelf by Harley & Lola

Textures of Leather

An easy way to achieve the natural elegance look in your living room is to invest in a gorgeous leather sofa with a worn, antique look. Warm and inviting, a good quality leather sofa will continue to age beautifully, acquiring a patina that reflects and responds to the other textures around it.

An Understated Statement Piece

The natural elegance look is all about balancing simple and well chosen statement pieces that use the interplay of natural materials that bring this look into focus. A piece like the fabulous Urban Chic Reclaimed Wood Sideboard combines function, sustainability and beautiful design in an elegantly understated piece that would instantly update your existing decor.

Baumhaus Urban Chic Sideboard by Harley & Lola

Strip it Back

One of the keys to creating the natural elegance look in your living room is to keep it stripped back and clutter free, borrowing some design elements from urban furniture and industrial textures. Wooden floorboards create an obvious canvas for this look, but a quick and easy update would be to add a feature wall using a stunning White Brick Wallpaper from the Debbie McKeegan range. 

White brick wallpaper by Harley & Lola

Add Warmth with Accessories

There's something very tactile about natural elegance - the beauty of aged wood and leather, the crispness of linen and the warmth of a with an understated design.

Plantation Rug Co. Palm Blue and Grey by Harley & Lola

Add the crispness of linen and the rough, hand-crafted feel for a laid back finishing touch with the Grey Kubu baskets.


Pacific Lifestyle Grey Kubu Stair Basket by Harley & Lola

Shop the Look

Natural elegance is pared-back, calm and contemporary without sacrificing warmth and comfort. We've put together a carefully selected collection to help you shop the look with ease.

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Posted on March 19 2018
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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