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Design Ideas for your Garden Room


The environment of a conservatory or garden room is very different to any other room in your house. No other room is likely to have the same levels of humidity or natural light as a conservatory, so you have to think about your furnishings differently.

A conservatory is all about bringing the outside in, taking elements that you enjoy about your garden and transporting them indoors so you can enjoy them all year round. To help you effortlessly blend the outside or your home with the inside, you may want to consider elements such as potted plants, garden sculptures or garden dining furniture in your conservatory. You'd be surprised how much a touch of the outdoors can add to your interior design.


Seating in a conservatory or garden room is highly important, you want to maximise your space whilst allowing yourself plenty of room to relax and enjoy your surroundings. Rattan furniture is a great way to do this, it gives you plenty of comfort and allows you to feel as if you're outdoors soaking up the sun. Rattan garden sofas are a good idea if you're looking to do just that. This Bahama Rattan Corner Sofa gives the perfect illusion of being outdoors.

 Handpicked Bahama Lounge Set by Harley & Lola

Not only will they provide you with added space to recline, but the humidity in the room won't negatively affect them, unlike if you opted for a more traditional chair or sofa.


If you enjoy entertaining, then a conservatory is a great place for your guests to gather and mingle. With a view out onto your garden, it's a perfect place for people to catch up within pleasant surroundings. Including a dining set in your conservatory will provide the perfect setting for entertaining family and friends or enjoying a leisurely weekend brunch.

Cozy Bay Verona Aluminium & Fabric 4 Seater Dining Set by Harley & Lola

Opt for the luxuriously comfy Verona Four Seater Dining Set (as above) or for more entertaining space why not choose the King Eight Seater Rattan Dining Set.

LIFE Outdoor Living King Eight Seat Dining Set by Harley & Lola

Natural light

During the day, conservatories and garden rooms are all about the huge amount of natural light that pours into the room. With this in mind, it's a good idea to think about potted plants that can thrive in these kinds of conditions. Depending on the temperature of your conservatory, you may be able to grow fruits and vegetables such as apricots, grapes, mushrooms and peas. Even in the winter months, where not many plants may be growing outside, your conservatory could be brightened up with the presence of an evergreen shrub correa, which will offset your furniture beautifully throughout the colder months with its bell-shaped flowers.

Check out the fabulous planter from our Grigio and Verdi Ranges for adding a touch of contemporary style to your conservatory.

Florenity Verdi Rectangular Planter by Harley & Lola        Florenity Grigio Square Planter by Harley & Lola


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Posted on March 20 2018
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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