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Create the Ideal Outdoor Dining Area

Create the Ideal Outdoor Dining Area

With the summer months fast approaching, thoughts turn to long, warm days and evenings spent out in the garden with family and friends. Eating al fresco is a great way to share some relaxing and quality time together, so here are some ideas to help you take your dining room outside with flair and practicality.

Finding the Right Spot

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a large amount of outside space to play with, but chances are that even the smallest garden has a corner, nook or cranny which would be the perfect spot for an outdoor dining area. If there is limited space, a simple round table with four chairs is a great idea for the corner of a small garden. If you are fortunate enough to have a larger outside space, then you should consider taking the rest of the outdoor landscape into account and look for a natural space for a dining area.

Your outdoor dining room should be within easy reach of the kitchen and/or the barbecue area and if possible should have some natural shade. If there are no trees to offer this, then consider a parasol umbrella which can be angled as the sun moves or erecting a pergola.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture

For larger gardens where your outdoor dining area is more generous, consider investing in a table for eight or more people. For smaller gardens, it’s best to think practically, with a foldaway table and chairs which can be stored in a shed or other storage area when not in use.

A sofa/dining table is a great combination as this can be used for both eating and relaxing.

Wood, Aluminium or Rattan?

Try and pick the type of furniture which blends into the character of your outdoor space. Wooden furniture blends naturally and sympathetically into most garden environments and can be modern or classic in design. Aluminium furniture adds a modern, vibrant and classy touch and is particularly long lasting.

Rattan garden furniture is a great option if you are looking to combine an outdoor dining area with a relaxing sofa environment. Durable and long lasting rattan garden furniture is a great option for any garden.

Take a look at our extensive garden and conservatory furniture collections, which offer a large selection of great looking, high quality and durable garden dining furniture to help you create a fabulous al fresco dining area.  Cozy Bay, Westminster Teak and Port Royal are just some of the fabulous brands available.

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