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Clever Design Tricks for Small Outdoor Spaces


In this day and age, many houses do not have a large amount of outside space. Land is at a premium and many homes have a postage stamp size garden. However, with a little planning your small garden can be transformed into an enticing, attractive and totally usable space.

Division is the Key

A simple but very effective trick is to divide up your garden space to make it more intriguing. Or for the very smallest of plots, consider using benches or outdoor bean bags to make a stopping place in two or three places which will allow you to see your garden from different viewpoints and angles.

Outdoor bean bags by Harley & Lola
Blurred Lines

If your guests can’t make out where your garden boundary finishes, the area will appear bigger. So consider planting trees or shrubs along your back fence which will then merge in with anything behind the plants.

Garden by Harley & Lola

Create Optical Illusions

The brain can easily be fooled into thinking there is more space than there actually is. A gate in the fence suggests a garden extension, even though the gate isn’t used. Or try placing some mirrors with plants around the edge of the garden.

Thinking Diagonally, Not Laterally

Diagonal lines in a small garden can have a dramatic effect. This is because diagonal lines, such as paths or flower beds, create a longer line. If you want a fantastic space for your garden dining furniture, try laying your paving slabs diagonally to create a lengthening effect for the perfect courtyard garden. 

Garden Path by Harley & Lola

Make it Split Level

A split level garden makes you stop and pause. If a path is broken or there is a step or two to go down, the journey through the garden is slower, making the area seem bigger. So avoid a path which goes straight down the garden – break it up or make it kink part of the way down. Even better, create a staggered path which makes the walker stop and change direction a number of times.

Having a small garden doesn’t have to stop you letting your imagination run riot. Some clever garden designs will ensure your outside space is both fabulous and functional.

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Posted on April 10 2017
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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