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Using Blue in your Interior Design

Using Blue in your Interior Design

With the nights drawing in and the weather not so pleasant, now is the perfect time to make those interior design changes you have been thinking about. And what better colour to use than blue to create a stylish interior? Whether you are deciding to remodel one specific room, or use a few accessories to update and modernise your house, blue goes well with almost everything and will add an inviting, calm and up-to-date look wherever it is used. 

1. Statement walls

An excellent way of revamping a room is to create a statement wall. This can easily be achieved with feature wallpaper, a picture that works well with the existing style of the room or a painted bookshelf for your study. Statement walls can also be created by using a different colour paint to the rest of the room and adding a few accessories of different styles. Blue works perfectly for this as it can be matched with any other colour.

Debbie McKeegan Leafy Denim Scroll Wallpaper - Indigo by Harley & Lola

2. Blue rugs

One of the reasons blue works so well is due to its many different shade and hues, all of which can invoke different feelings and match with different styles. A blue rug can be used to brighten up a room, give it a modern edge, or even help to increase the minimalistic and modern style of a room, all depending upon what type of blue you go for. No other colour is this versatile!

Go for a big statement rug such as the fabulous Montana Steel Blue Rug from Think Rugs.

Think Rugs Montana Steel Blue by Harley & Lola 


Or you could go for a more subtle option such as the Impressions Rug from Plantation Rug Company.

Plantation Rug Co. Impressions by Harley & Lola

3. Solid wood furniture

Blue also goes extremely well with solid wood furniture, with darker blues looking fabulous with solid wood furniture.

Dalston Navy Tallboy by Harley & Lola

If you are really looking to make a statement, try matching blue with oriental furniture – oriental cabinets look amazing and really add a feature piece to your room.

Baumhaus The Nine Schools Oriental Decorated Blue Medium Cabinet by Harley & Lola

At Harley & Lola, we pride ourselves on offering a range of amazing quality furniture that works with any style. Our True Blue Collection works well in every house, so take a look at our exciting range here

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