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Add style with lighting

Add style with lighting

Quite simply, the most important influence on the mood and feel of a room is the way it is lit. When you want to create a certain atmosphere, there are two things to consider; the style of the lighting (the style of lamp or lamp shade) and the source of the light, will it be a halogen bulb, an energy saving bulb or one with an adjusted colour temperature?

There are blue-toned bulbs, for example, which are perfect for intense task lighting, as well as bulbs that emit a cosy yellow light to help you relax. As a basic guide, there are three different types of lighting that are generally used in the home.

1. Ambient lighting

First of all is ambient lighting, which generally comes from overhead lights. This is the most basic and essential form of lighting which allows you to move around your home, and illuminates your entire space so that it's enjoyable to spend time there. Most people light their rooms with overhead light fixtures in the ceiling or near the top of the walls, and use either pendant lights or spotlights to achieve this.

Vita Silvia Copper Light by Harley & Lola

Pendant lights are available in a diverse range of sizes and designs, which enables you to make a confident style statement as well as casting the perfect amount of light over your space. A benefit of pendant lamps over spotlights is that as well as dispersing light across an entire room, they also provide a charming focal point.

2. Task lighting

Secondly, there is task lighting. This is the kind of direct light produced by task under cabinet lighting or, again, spotlights, which allow you to concentrate on everyday duties in your home. This might be preparing food, reading or doing laundry. Whatever it is, you need enough light so that you don't strain your eyes and it shouldn't produce glare.

Chrome Curved Task Lamp by Harley & Lola

3. Accent lighting

Lastly, accent lighting will add texture and a little wow factor to your house and garden. Used to illuminate specific aspects of your home, like paintings, plants or perhaps a textured brick wall, it can easily inject some art and glamour into your everyday lighting scheme by using ultra-bright spotlights or wall mounted fixtures.

White Tri Pod Lamp by Harley & Lola

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