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Guest Blog: Seeking inspiration for decorating your Christmas table?

This week we welcome our guest blogger Becky Derbyshire who runs the excellent The Lifestyle Blogger Website. Becky recently wrote a review of our Riven Candleabra, so we thought we would ask her to provide us with some tips for decorating your table.

Over to you Becky:

I think accessories are the best things ever. They can completely change the look and feel of a piece of furniture instantly. You can go from having a very contemporary look and feel to a vintage, shabby chic look and feel within minutes. For me, being able to keep my home looking and feeling fresh by changing the vibe in each room every so often really makes it interesting and I place I love spending time, whether socialising with friends and family or relaxing with my husband. I have always been a very creative person so being able to create a new feeling when you walk into a room is really satisfying for me.

One area I love to constantly change is the dining room. It’s where we spend most of our time when we have friends over for dinner parties, so being able to keep this area looking and feeling fresh and interesting is really fun for me and something I could easily spend hours doing if give the chance.

We have quite a plain oak table with cream and oak chairs. I wanted a table that was beautiful to look at but also quite plain too so I could easily change the look and feel with the accessories. One website I love to use is Harley & Lola. They have such a fantastic array of accessories for pretty much every room in the house but their dinning room accessories are just amazing! Almost anything you could ever want is right there waiting for you to browse through. If I won the lottery, this is one of the first places I would come.

From things like their Curl Leaf Boat, which is just beautiful and would look stunning as a centre piece, filled to the brim with pine cones and holly to make a gorgeous Christmas centre piece for this time of year, or filled with fresh summer fruits, springs of lavender and mint leaves straight from the garden for a beautiful Summer arrangement...the possibilities are endless. That's what I love about accessories, they can be used over and over again to create such wonderful new looks.

If you prefer the old cottage, vintage look, then how about the Bramble Cheese Board.

This is so pretty and bold that it could easily be used as a centre piece, filled up with gorgeous vintage cheeses and hunks of crusty bread.

I also think the Nasturtium Leaf Dish would make a really good table decoration, especially at Christmas time. Just think of all the fabulous chocolates you could fill it with!

Although I do love to have accessories on the table to give it that extra special feel, I do also like to make sure some of the oak is still on show so I don't often use full table cloths but instead I will use beautiful placemats or table runners. I do love a good table runner! It's probably the easiest way to change the look and feel of a table with minimal fuss and effort and there are so many colours, shapes and textured ones to choose from. I find Christmas time is the hardest to pick for, there are just too many to choose from! Do you go plain so the accessories jazz it up, or do you go deep reds with stunning gold detail?  Something as simple as a table runner with some gorgeous candles running down the centre makes such a fantastic feel for evening dinner parties. It creates such a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere and leaves more room on the table itself for the delicious food and wine.

I love Harley & Lola's 5 Bead Light Holder.

It's so simple and elegant and creates a wonderful looking table display. The lower table decorations are also very good as they don't block the view across the table to your guests. It can be very annoying having to look around objects to see people on the other side of the table and not very personal either as it creates a divide.

However, if you do enjoy a floral arrangement every now and then, I think something like this amazing Cradle Vase Oval would be perfect. It's not too big or overpowering and wouldn't be too much on the smaller dinning tables. A great thing about flowers is they can also create a wonderful look and feel. From a very homely bouquet of Roses that fill the room up with beautiful hearty fragrances, to springs of Lavender or Tulips for a very Summery, fresh feel.

I really could talk about this for ages and ages. It's a subject that I find so inspiring. I love looking at other people's photography, especially on Pinterest to get new inspiration and looking through websites such as that of Harley & Lola's. If you haven't yet looked through their products, you really should. The possibilities are endless!

If you like this article you can contact Becky at:


Facebook: The Lifestyle Blogger UK

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Website: The Lifestyle Blogger


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