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Hallway Design Ideas

The hallway is often overlooked as a space, however, it sets the tone of the house and deserves to be considered as a room in its own right. With the right design and furniture it can become both a practical and beautiful space.

The hall is a great place for you to stamp your personality. It is a well-used room, people walk through it every hour of the day, but even if nobody spends much time there you still want it to be an inviting space and free of clutter.

Individual designs and themes obviously depend on the size and shape of your hallway but there are some key ideas, which will work in any hallway.

A console table can make a great statement in a hallway as well as being exceptionally practical for keeping items such as keys etc. neatly tidied away. Add a pretty vase or bowl to brighten the console table up and make it a lovely feature.


Mobel Oak Console Table


Hanging a mirror can help a compact space feel larger and brighter and will add style to your hallway.

Mobel Oak Mirror


One of our key principles is that you should always try to keep the entrance hall as clear of clutter as possible. This helps create a feeling of calm and tranquillity when you and your guests arrive in your home.

A great way of keeping your hallway tidy is to hang coat hooks, this will help keep not only coats but hats and scarves neatly in one place. Our Mobel Coat Rack also has a shelf, which provides handy additional storage.


Mobel Oak Coat Hooks


Shoe storage is a must in a busy hallway; otherwise footwear tends to gather in an unsightly pile. A shoe cupboard is a great way to keep the space neat and tidy. Our Baumhaus range of shoe cupboards also feature shelves to keep other items such as gloves, hats and scarves out of the way. This can also double up as a table instead of a console table to keep keys and other items in a safe place.


Mayan Shoe Cupboard

An alternative to the shoe cupboard is adding a shoe bench to provide a place to perch while putting on and taking off shoes. Our Mobel Oak Shoe Bench doubles as a cupboard so will also keep your shoes out of the way.

Mobel Oak Shoe Bench


Whatever the shape or size of your hallway there are storage solutions to suit any needs.

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