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Style your Garden for Summer Parties


Summer beckons and with it the promise of hosting parties in the garden, lingering over a drink with friends and family and huddling around the embers of the cooling barbecue. Make sure your garden is the place to be seen this summer!

Dress to Impress

Not just you, but your table as well. Whether you’re serving light snacks or stoking up the barbecue, make sure to show off your culinary delights by presenting them in beautiful bowls.

 Bowl by Harley & Lola              Set of Three Link Bowls


Our fabulous selection of trays are a great way to carry food and drink from the kitchen - practical can be stylish!

Lacquer Tray by Harley & Lola                Cocktail Tray by Harley & Lola
Another way to dress your table is by adding decorative lanterns or candle holders. These can look fabulous in the sunshine, and then just add candles to help set the atmosphere later.

Bell Jar T-Light Holders by Harley & Lola            Lantern by Harley & Lola

Music is the Answer

Music is the key to any party. Now that music is so easily portable, make sure you have some wireless speakers, then you and your guests can connect their phones and select some tunes.

Bayan Soundscene 3 Bluetooth Speaker by Harley & Lola

Chill out and chat

Every party needs space to relax, catch up with the latest gossip or soak up some sunshine. Everyone knows the kitchen’s the place to go at a house party, but the sun’s out – enjoy it!

Bean Bag Chairs by Harley & Lola

Create a space full of bean bag chairs and cushions, with some artfully placed blankets and throws that you can use to snuggle under as the sun goes down.

Always be Prepared

Not to put a dampener on your summer garden party plans, but the great British weather can be a tad unpredictable. Make sure to invest in an attractive parasol to give shade to your guests, or offer shelter from a short summer shower.

Parasols by Harley & Lola

All Lit Up

As the sun goes down, good and creative outdoor lighting will help make the most of those mild summer nights, whether you plan to relax once your guests have gone, or to continue the party into the small hours. There are all kinds of garden lights and outdoor lanterns so you can set the right mood and highlight key features of your garden, until the sun comes back up!


Lanterns by Harley & Lola             Lanterns by Harley & Lola



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Posted on July 17 2017
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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