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Vintage Garden Design Ideas

Vintage Garden Design Ideas

Do you love vintage gardens? Have you ever wondered how to get that fabulous look in your garden? Here we provide you with some really easy tips to transform your garden and provide that vintage shabby chic feel.


Accessories are a great please to start when creating your vintage garden. Choose soft and soothing colour schemes such as soft pastels and creamy whites. 

This solid copper Lily Rain Chain can be used to replace the pipe from your guttering to create a trickling relaxing water sound.

Rain Chain by Harley & Lola

Pay attention to the lighting, keep it soft with candles and lanterns but have lots of it to create a cozy feel. Tea lights hung in jars can create some of the perfect finishing touches to a vintage garden. 

Lanterns by Harley & Lola           Tea Light Holders by Harley & Lola


Bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your outdoor space with some fabulous olive trees! Vintage gardens have a more relaxed feel and should be less structured than your typical garden. A gentle palette of lavender and rose hues will keep things peaceful and relaxing.

Antibes Folding Bench by Harley & Lola

Mix it up in your borders and pots with climbers and lower level plants. Make sure to add lots of scented flowers and herbs.

 Bramble Triple Bowl by Harley & Lola


Wrought iron furniture is perfect for a fabulous vintage feel. Choose a shabby-chic love seat, or make the most of small spaces and choose a bistro table with folding chairs.

Rose Love Seat by Harley & Lola

Or mix it up by adding a couple of comfy bean bags in different colours for extra comfort and lounging.

 Bean Bags by Harley & Lola

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