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How to Design the Perfect Office at Home

How to Design the Perfect Office at Home

There are many reasons to work from home. You might want to cut costs on childcare, reduce time commuting, move out of the city or set up your own business; whatever your motive, you still need to be able to get down to work and be productive at home.

The joy of working from home means that you can add touches to your office space which may not be acceptable in a formal office. There needs to be some form of compromise, though, as you don’t want to be distracted - despite being in your home, this is also a work space.

What do you need?

You might need lots of filing space, or an office in which you are surrounded by books. Do you need a large desk space on which to spread out papers or will a small computer desk with a laptop meet your requirements?

Once you have thought about your work and your needs, you can move on to finding the right pieces for your work space.

Chadwick Oak Desk by Harley & Lola

Chadwick Hidden Desk

Is your office a work place just for you, or will you be hosting important clients there? If the former, you can personalise the space as much as you like, but if you’ll be doing business deals, you may want to consider making it as professional and tidy as possible.

Piecing it Together

A desk is often the focal point of a workspace. Choose one to reflect your style as well as your needs. If you like a natural look in your home, then an oak home office desk may be perfect for you as it’s both durable and stylish.

Alternatively, you may want something more modern and choose a brightly coloured desk.

Urban Chic Desk by Harley & Lola

Urban Chic Computer Desk

Do you want drawers? Are you a hoarder? Or will something with just a surface work for you?

Shelving full of books is bliss to some, to others it looks messy, so a cabinet might be better, allowing you to easily close the doors and keep unnecessary clutter to a minimum.

All in the Placement

If you like to work in natural light, putting your desk near the window makes sense, but consider whether it will also become a distraction – the garden, passers-by and children playing can all be welcome excuses for procrastination. Unless you’re very lucky, you'll have to work in poor light too, so make sure lighting is strategically placed for those wintry afternoons and gloomy days.

Reclaimed Table Lamp with White Handloom Shade by Harley & Lola              Antique Brass Task Lamp by Harley & Lola

A modern workspace, more often than not, needs to consider powerpoints too. It’s unlikely that many of us will be able to get by without a computer, phone and other gadgets which require power. The last thing you want are cables all over the floor - these not only look unsightly, but also create a trip hazard.

Personalising the Space

Of course, a home office offers more opportunity for expressing yourself. Would a cosy armchair help you read reports or would throws and candles improve your space and how you work?

Once you’ve ensured that your space is functional then you can accessorise your office to be both homely and professional, creating your perfect office in your own home.

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