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Teak Care Guide

Teak Care Guide

When you’ve invested in new wooden garden furniture, it’s only right to want to keep it in good condition. Not sure how best to care for teak furniture? Read on to discover our top tips!

The good news is that teak is a great material for garden furniture. It’s a strong and durable wood, which is particularly good for garden furniture that will be used outside and exposed to all the elements, plus it’s easy to maintain and care for, if you know how.

Cleaning Teak Furniture

Over time teak furniture that’s been outside can become discoloured and worn as a result of being exposed to dirt, wind, rain and sun. Specks of dirt might not look that bad, but if they stay on your furniture, dirt can lead to it corroding over time.

You can get rid of dirt by cleaning your teak garden furniture. You don’t need any harsh chemicals or special cleaners for this – just a bucket of hot soapy water and a sponge or cloth will suffice. 

Wipe down all the surfaces on chairs, tables and footstools, going from the bottom to the top to avoid streak marks. Leave the furniture to dry off before using. 

Oiling Teak Furniture

In addition to cleaning teak garden furniture, it’s a good idea to oil it occasionally too. This is best done after you have cleaned it and removed any dirt.

Specialist teak oil products are available from garden centres or DIY stores. To apply the oil, use a paint brush or an old cloth and paint or rub the oil evenly onto the wood. The oil should soak into the wood. If the oil starts to pool on the surface and is no longer soaking in, then this is a sign that you’ve oiled it enough.

Be aware that teak oil can stain, so wear old clothes and consider putting newspaper down on the surface you’re working on. 

Teak oil helps the wood to retain its natural appearance, quality and texture and can maintain the longevity of your furniture. Oiling doesn’t have to be done every time you clean your furniture, but it can be good to at least do it at the beginning and end of each season of use.

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