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Teak Care Guide


Truly premium wooden garden furniture is often made with teak, which is widely regarded as the most beautiful, high-quality wood manufactured today. Consistent grain structure, a smooth finish and an absence of splits or cracks are a mark of high grade teak. Other than its beauty, teak is so highly regarded due to an incredible natural resistance to all of the elements. Come rain, sun, snow or frost teak is nearly impervious due to its very dense grained hardwood and high natural oil content. Due to this reputation it is often said that teak is maintenance free, but although it does not require any special care, to keep this wood in tip top condition, some maintenance is recommended.

Teak by Harley and Lola

Outdoor furniture is repeatedly exposed to dust and dirt all year around so even teak can get a little dirty if not cleaned regularly. If dirt is left to gather it may penetrate the wood and leave stains so keeping on top of this will ensure your teak looks as splendid as possible. No special products are needed, just using a cloth and warm soapy water every couple of weeks will be more than enough. Teak is not resistant to stains either and since the best teak furniture lasts a lifetime, you will unlikely be able to avoid spillages completely. Spills should be cleaned immediately as the longer they are left the greater the risk that they will stain the wood. Stains that cannot be removed with soapy water can be removed by special teak stain removers, or alternatively as a last resort, lightly sand away areas with fine grit sandpaper.


Over time, teak will weather and develop a handsome silver grey colouration. This could take around nine months depending on the climate conditions. If you would prefer to preserve the golden colour of teak instead of letting it weather, then there are a variety of products available for wood treatment. Teak oils and sealers may be used for this purpose and neither will affect the strength and durability of the wood, but we recommend that you avoid using oils. Often products labelled as teak oil are actually linseed or other oils and so when used they deprive the teak of their natural oils. This means that once you start treating your teak with these products, it will become dependent on them to restore its oil content. Additionally, treatment with teak oil will not prevent the weathering process but merely postpone it. Instead of using oil, we recommend using teak sealer which requires less frequent treatment and protects the colour of the teak without depriving the wood of its natural oils, so treatment can be stopped at any time.

Furniture Covers by Harley and Lola     Furniture Covers by Harley and Lola


Teak garden furniture is not affected by low temperatures and can happily be left outside through the winter months. However, you may want to consider protecting it from dirt towards the end of the summer by using a furniture cover, as you doubtless will not want to clean it every two weeks in colder weather. Here at Harley & Lola we have some incredible waterproof and UV resistant Aerocovers in all shapes and sizes. Our covers are also breathable to prevent condensation so mould cannot grow. If thinking about storing your teak furniture indoors we recommend using a waterproof garage. Make sure that if the garage is heated, you do not move the teak straight in as a sharp difference in temperature and humidity may cause the wood to split.



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Posted on July 28 2016
by: Sam Kean

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