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Rug Care Guide


Selecting the perfect rug can take time but is worthwhile when you see how it can bring together an interior theme and introduce softness in texture and warmth to a room. Once you have this beautiful new addition to your home, you’ll want to keep it looking just as fantastic as the first time you imagined it adorning your floor. Whether you choose a flat weave or shaggy pile rug, the main thing you will want to avoid is treating your rug like a doormat.

Benni Rug by Harley and Lola

A brand new rug will come rolled so will have developed some creases and likely not lie completely flat when first unrolled. This will be more noticeable in larger rugs but don’t worry, it is not a fault of the product! Smoothing and flattening will occur naturally over the next few weeks till you have a completely flat rug. The process can be sped up by rolling the rug the opposite way to which it was rolled originally. Make sure to roll as tight as possible before leaving it somewhere warm such as near a radiator for two days or so.

Inaluxe Rug by Harley and Lola           Inaluxe Rug by Harley and Lola

Regular vacuuming will also help to get rid of creases and is our recommended way of routinely keeping your rug free of dust and dirt. This can be slightly more difficult with shaggy rugs due to the longer pile, but with a nozzle attachment you can be a little more precise and avoid sucking the pile out. Rotating brush cleaners should be avoided as they will damage your rug and erode soft textures of the rug fibres. It is common for wool rugs to shed some fibres, most noticeably in the first few months of use and will generally lessen over time but not stop completely. Some man-made fibre rugs can also experience shedding but the life span of either material will not be affected by this. Sprouting strands may also occur where some become longer than the others, simply trim with scissors to even the lengths and vacuum to remove excess fluff. Pulling these strands is a big NO and could potentially cause irreversible damage to the rug by either upsetting the pattern or creating areas of threadbare. 

Most lighter dirt marks can be vanquished with a damp cloth but dry cleaning or machine washing should be avoided unless the label states otherwise. Spills should be cleaned immediately with a dry absorbent cloth or kitchen towel. Make sure to blot the spill with a little water but never ever rub it as this could cause colour fading, distortion of the fibres and rug balding. For a real cleaning treatment, mild detergents, warm water or carpet shampoo are perfectly suitable for getting the worst stains out, just be careful to avoid saturating the rug with water completely! If this does not get the stain out, then a specialist deep clean may be needed.

Arctic Rug by Harley and Lola

Finally, if you opt for a nice bright spot bathed in sunlight to place your new rug, you will need to rotate every now and then to avoid one side becoming bleached and the other downtrodden. This is especially important with brightly coloured wool rugs, which will become muted and dull if not maintained properly. Take care of your rug and it will provide you with years of beauty, giving your floor the ultimate style makeover. 

Frankie Rug by Harley and Lola




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Posted on November 22 2016
by: Sam Kean

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