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Look After Your Furniture The Eco-Friendly Way

Look After Your Furniture The Eco-Friendly Way

third of people in Britain have become more eco-friendly this past year, making conscious choices to live more sustainably. They have been cutting down on their energy usage, recycling more, focusing on reducing food wastage, and choosing products that don’t contain toxic or harmful ingredients. These small choices that the individual makes can have a big impact on the planet. When you're looking after your furniture, there are plenty of ways that you can do this that are ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly. Natural cleaning will keep your furniture in better condition for longer, so that it still looks great for many years to come. 


Non-toxic cleaning

For the surfaces of furniture, such as bookcases and cabinets, you can give them a weekly clean with a non-toxic, natural spray. You should go for an eco-friendly cleaning solution as it is safer for you, your family and pets. Cleaning without hazardous chemicals is much safer for the environment, and it protects health and minimises pollution too. You can clean your furniture with a commercial spray, but you will have to check the ingredients carefully. Many all-purpose cleaners contain ingredients such as ammonia, chlorine and bleach. These substances are not only harmful to you, but will also damage the surface of your furniture. You can instead make your own non-toxic cleaning spray by mixing 50ml of white vinegar with 50ml of water. This is an effective natural cleaning solution that is gentle and eco-friendly. 



Polishing wood

Some brands of furniture polish can damage natural wood if used regularly. Common ingredients in commercial polishes include butane, propane and dimethicone, all of which can cause skin irritation and respiratory tract infections. Some aerosol polishes also include formaldehyde, which is a toxic carcinogen, and dangerous if inhaled. If you want to look after your wood furniture the eco-friendly way, then using beeswax is a good option. It will protect and enhance the surface of your furniture, without changing the colour. Simply rub it on with a soft cloth, and then buff the wood to get a nice, shiny finish. 


Soft furnishings

The most used piece of furniture in every home is the sofa. If you have a fabric sofa, like the Mark Harris sofas, then you will want to regularly clean the upholstery so that it always looks fresh. For spot cleaning, you should use a non-toxic spray that doesn’t contain bleach, as this will change the colour of your fabric. You can make your own spray by mixing equal parts of Castille soap, white vinegar and warm water. If you are getting your fabric sofa spring cleaned, then it is worth getting a professional to help with a thorough steam clean. This uses only water and no harmful chemicals. It will leave your sofa smelling fresh too, as the steam penetrates the fabric, removing the dirt. 


You don’t need to use toxic substances to effectively clean your furniture. Using only natural products, you can make sure that your furniture is beautifully kept so that it will last even longer. 



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