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Care Guide - Mango Wood

Care Guide - Mango Wood

If you have just purchased a mango wood furniture piece or are about to buy one, you may be unsure of how to go about taking care of it. Mango wood comes in both light grain and dark grain, but needs the same care routine, whichever option you choose.

Mango wood is a highly sustainable material to create furniture from. Naturally, the main purpose of a mango tree is to produce fruit, however, when that no longer happens, the tree is chopped down and the wood is discarded. This is an unfortunate waste of a beautiful and hardwearing material and we are pleased to see that it is now being used to craft beautiful pieces of furniture.

One of the many appealing aspects of mango wood is the beautiful grain. Although lovely in its natural form, the colours in mango wood really shine through when it is finished with a few coats of polish – a look that only improves with age.

Dalston Range by Harley & Lola

Here are a few tips on how to care for your mango wood furniture and maintain that beautiful finish:

Be wary of liquids

If you spill a large amount of liquid on the surface it is best to wipe it up with a dry cloth immediately.

Avoid exposing the mango wood furniture to alcohol, deodorants, perfumes, nail paints as any exposure may harm the finish of the wood.

Don't place hot objects directly on the wood furniture, always use mats and coasters.

Keep out of direct sunlight

If your room is exposed to large chunks of sunlight, ensure that your mango wood piece is in a shady section, which won't hit the sunlight or get too hot. Over many years of being too exposed to sunlight, your piece could be at risk of fading as with all wood products.


Try not to use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of your mango wood, as this may cause discolouration. To clean effectively, use a dry cloth without any polish or solution to prevent the risk of removing the natural wax. However, using a tiny bit of beeswax would be ideal to clean the surface properly, as well as adding to the woods protective coating.

    By opting for these easy to follow care instructions, you can keep your furniture new and add life to it. Wood furniture can last for generations if proper care is taken of it.

    If you would like any further information on any pieces, please contact us today, we'd be happy to assist in choosing the right piece for you. Alternatively you can browse our collection here.

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    Catherine - September 23, 2019

    Hi My husband used pledge multi purpose on out table. It looks cloudy in patches. Will beeswax help to recover the shine

    Jacqui Borthwick - March 28, 2019

    My mango wood table has a few water marks rings on it can I use anything to restore it?

    Heidi Shaw-yeomans - March 28, 2019

    Hi i have a Mango dining table & have spilt a small amount of diffuser oit on it & this has taken the colour out of the wood making it lighter. Any advise on if this can be restored please. Not sure if it is waxed or varnished. The website I bought it from says wax. Thankyou.

    Terri - April 9, 2019

    I have two engraved mango wood trays that I have used to serve food. I always put a layer of clear plastic wrap as a barrier between the wood and food for protection. I lent these to a person whose house was in the Paradise, CA Camp Fire. Although her home, thank God, did not burn down everything in her home was water and smoke damaged. Including my trays. My question: how do I clean these – they are covered with smoke residue. Should I even keep them as the smoke is known to be toxic. Are they a lost cause, or do you believe they can be brought back with careful cleaning? What products do I use? And..will be able to use them for serving food once again?

    Ian Pinson - February 11, 2019

    I had a a large amount of water spill on my mango wood table and sat over night causing a pretty bad stain is there any way to get rid of the stain?

    Kim Hall - May 14, 2018

    We purchased a mango dining table 2 years ago and use it almost daily. We use placemats, coasters, etc but I’m noticing spots and imprints of our arms not going away. We clean with Guardsman clean polish sprayed onto a cloth and follow with a dry cloth. I’m wondering if we should apply a clear matte stain to preserve. Thanks.

    Michelle - May 14, 2018

    I just purchased a dark stained mango wood coffee table. I see that I can use beeswax to clean it. When I went on Amazon, I noticed there are several different types. Is there one in particular that you would recommend? One looked truly like a wax and some were in aerosol cans.
    Thank you in advance.

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