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Guide to Rattan Furniture


Rattan furniture is perfect for those on the hunt for the very best garden furniture in the UK. Even in the Summer months, with typical British weather we can expect that there will be the odd shower or storm, so weather resistance and durability is an important feature for great garden furniture to have. Poly rattan is typically UV treated so will not fade in the sunlight, retaining its colour and sheen. Even frost or snow will not affect the quality of this furniture.

Rattan is hugely fashionable for outdoor spaces. With a variety of designs and colours, this furniture can give your outdoor space elegant, sophisticated style. With neutral colours, rattan furniture goes amazingly with the natural colours of stone, wood and greenery, only accentuating their beauty. Below are just a few of our stunning rattan pieces, see how amazing they look with any outdoor setting!

Auckland 6 Seater Dining Table by Harley and Lola  Grace Collection by Harley and Lola

Grace Dining Chairs by Harley and Lola  Miami 4 Seater Dining Set by Harley and Lola

Keep your Furniture Dry!

Even during the worst of the weather, rattan furniture will stand strong, so you can leave it in the garden all year round. However, you may not want to have to wait for it to dry every time you want to use it. All rattan pieces also feature upholstery and cushions which are not quite as resilient. Cushions and fabric will stand up to showers and rain just fine but repeated exposure to wet or cold weather could degrade their quality and texture. To keep your furniture dry and in the best possible condition, we recommend using one of our garden furniture covers.

Furniture Cover by Harley and Lola

Maintaining Rattan

Rattan is very easy to maintain. There is no need for special ointments or creams but older rattan may dry out and split, which can eventually lead to cracking. To keep your rattan looking its absolute brilliant best then you can apply some lubrication using boiled linseed oil. Use a small-headed brush and brush over till the rattan can absorb no more. As the oil dries, it hardens, expanding into the gaps and cracks in the process. Do this a couple of times a year and keep your rattan gleaming and shining in the sun all year. 

Cleaning dirty rattan furniture is also incredibly easy. Just dampen a micro-fibre cloth and give it a wipe down. For particularly grimy areas just add a bit of detergent and it should look good as new. If there is dust and grime in between the weave, you may want to give it a hose down. Just turn the furniture upside down and douse till thoroughly clean. Afterwards just leave to air dry!



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Posted on August 24 2016
by: Sam Kean

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