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Garden Furniture Care Guide


It almost goes without saying, but your garden and the objects you purchase to put into it will only ever look as good as the care you give them. Therefore, if you want your garden and your furniture to continue to look stylish and impressive, you’re going to need to allow time to care for and maintain them.

The first step to proper care is to do your homework on what you have and the best ways to maintain that exact material. For example, you care for metal and wood in completely different ways and you’re going to need to tailor the maintenance you’ll be doing to fit the materials you have.

After that, you should ensure you have the time to actually do what needs to be done. Making a commitment of 10 minutes every week to ensure your furniture is in a good condition and is properly taken care of will not only save you time in the future, but also money as your furniture and accessories will last far longer.

Caring for Teak

If you have teak furniture, you’ll need to give it a regular clean to ensure that the rain and other elements haven’t left it dirty. Any dirt can not only give it an unpleasant appearance now, but could start to corrode it over time. However, you won’t need any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning methods. A simple wipe over with hot soapy water will prevent any staining and ensure that the natural finish is able to shine through.

Teak can be preserved by using natural teak oil and sealer, which are widely available from garden centres and DIY shops. These will help the wood to maintain a natural shine, appearance and texture.

Caring for Rattan

If you’ve chosen rattan garden furniture, you should avoid the use of any soap or chemicals; instead of using soap, a damp cloth is the only thing you need to clean with.

If you have natural rattan rather than synthetically made furniture, you’ll need to store it indoors during the winter. This will prevent the cold and harsher elements from ruining the colour, finish and texture of the wood. 

Caring for Aluminium 

Aluminium is a proven lightweight material which is very strong and therefore ideal for use as outdoor furniture. Our aluminium is powder coated to prevent oxidation and ensure years of outdoor use.

Whilst almost impervious to the elements aluminium requires very little maintenance. However, in order to maintain the look of your aluminium products, we recommend regularly giving it a clean with soapy water.

Caring for Metal

Metal furniture is often chosen as it requires the least in terms of upkeep and maintenance. However, over time it may become “tatty” looking and you should consider applying metal paint (which is again widely available) to not only brighten up the appearance of your furniture but will also protect it.

In addition, metal furniture and accessories should always be stored indoors during colder weather to prevent premature rusting.

Caring for Sling

Sling requires very little maintenance. However, a quick wipe with soapy water will get any stains off easily and restore the sling to its best. 

General care

It’s always worth investing in furniture covers, whatever the material of the furniture you’ve purchased. Not only will this ensure that the furniture is protected from the elements, but also that it’s dry, clean and ready to use whenever you want to.

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Posted on April 26 2017
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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