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Top 5 Industrial Chic Furnishings

Top 5 Industrial Chic Furnishings

Industrial chic furnishings are all the rage at the moment - hearkening back to New York loft apartments, Andy Warhol's factory and a generally down-at-heel, minimalist design. The look is one of enduring cool, and while it is often prevalent only in trendy bars, you can adopt the look in your home quickly and easily with this top 5 of our industrial chic furnishings at Harley & Lola.

1)  Hoxton Rectangular Dining Table

Hoxton Rectangular Dining Table by Harley and Lola

This dining table takes the reclaimed wood and metal look and places it into your own kitchen or dining area; a sturdy, high-quality item constructed from beautiful steel and mango wood. With some interesting metalwork to add to its charms, it is a table that evokes carpentry worktops and and pop-up restaurants in equal measure.

2) London Brick Wallpaper

London Brick Wallpaper by Harley and Lola

Painted brickwork looks ace, but we wouldn't recommend tearing off your plasterboard any time soon! This fantastic red brick wallpaper is all you need to get that loft look into your home, and is perfect for leaving stark, bare and striking.

3) Saxo Industrial Coffee Table

Saxo Industrial Coffee Table by Harley and Lola

A very striking piece, the Saxo industrial coffee table combines a very thick bleached pine top with cast iron fixtures that really nail the industrial look. A simple, potent combination that works superbly in a living room.

4) Copper Hurricane Lantern

Round Copper Hurricane Lantern by Harley and Lola

In terms of ornaments, the industrial chic look relies on modest, minimalist items, and very few of them. If you're looking for a piece for a table, a mantlepiece or windowsill, then look no further than this beautiful copper and glass lantern, which also work beautifully in the garden during the summer months.

5) New York Loft Stool

New York Loft Stool by Harley and Lola
This red stool is a striking statement piece for any kitchen, office or dining room - a reclaimed, edgy and vintage design that is both interesting and durable.

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