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Our Top 5 Items From the Luxe Reclaimed Wood Collection


At Harley & Lola, we love reclaimed wood furniture. It has a unique aesthetic, and the undeniable rustic character of the old wood shows that beauty really does come with age. The collection we supply is diverse and suitable for various rooms around the house, so we've decided to narrow down your search by bringing together our 5 favourite items from the Luxe Reclaimed Wood range.

1. Baumhaus Urban Chic Alcove Bookcase 

This beautiful bookcase features the glorious reclaimed wood pieces fitted around a robust metal frame. The character of the timber is the focal point, and it is showcased superbly for a functional bookcase that will complement a range of design styles for interior living spaces. It is perfect to display books and ornaments, and the extra storage space of the drawers is a great bonus.

Baumhaus Urban Chic Alcove Bookcase (with drawers) by Harley & Lola

2. Lucy Mango Wood Coffee Table

This cute and deceptively useful mango wood coffee table is the perfect companion for any living room. The colour and character of the mango wood is so unique and will stand out in any room. The tabletop is complemented with an additional shelf for extra storage.

Lucy Lounge Coffee Table with Gunmetal Legs by Harley & Lola

3. Nordic Reclaimed Buffet Sideboard 

This iconic sideboard is a large feature piece that is bound to impress in any living space. It is beautiful to look at and also highly robust and functional. The storage space is ample in the four cabinets and central shelf, and the fabulous reclaimed wood adorns a durable metal frame.

Nordic Reclaimed Buffet Sideboard 4 Doors by Harley & Lola

4. Nordic Reclaimed Retro Coffee Table 

This fantastic coffee table is more subtle than some of its cousins, but still fit to serve as a strong statement piece for your living room. Its rounded steel frame brings delightful curves to the design, while the reclaimed wood from old boats brings the usual charm and character. There is even an additional shelf for storage space, making the table as functional as it is beautiful.

Nordic Reclaimed Retro Coffee Table with Shelf by Harley & Lola

5. Baumhaus Urban Chic Computer Desk/Dressing Table

Our top choice is this stunning, versatile table that can be used as a computer desk or a dressing table. It is designed for the bedroom, and includes handy drawers either side of the work area with iron handles for that titular urban chic. The reclaimed wood is as fabulous as ever, and the versatility matches up with the ultimate look for a comfortable bedroom that will make you want to stay in bed all weekend! Beautiful furniture that is built to last as well as look great.

Baumhaus Urban Chic Computer Desk / Dressing Table by Harley & Lola

Check out the full Luxe Reclaimed Wood Collection here.


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  • Richard: April 23, 2019

    The Nordic reclaimed range looks so unique. Some great tips and pieces in here. Thanks for the inspiration.

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Posted on April 09 2019
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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