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Garden Bean Bags - the Place to be this Summer!


Relaxing on a hot day in the garden is one of the true joys of the summer, so why is it that so often the only thing to sit on is a hard wooden bench? There’s no reason why garden furniture can’t be as comfortable as its interior counterparts, and nothing is more in line with a lazy afternoon than a gigantic bean bag!

Outdoor bean bags may strike you as an odd idea, especially if your experience is one of a flattened child’s bag from the late 80s - but our modern Mighty bean bag bean chair is a far cry from such disappointments and is a piece of dedicated outdoor furniture with sunny afternoons central to its design.

The first thing which strikes is its durable quality. The waterproof covering is a strong, long-lasting polyester fabric, and the all-important seams impress with their toughness. It is sturdy enough to seat the most heavyweight of guests, and there’s little doubt that it’ll survive many long years of use, even if used in a household with enthusiastic children who are more likely to jump on than sit sedately.

The next feature is the high back – no longer does sitting on a bean bag mean awkwardly being unable to lean back lest you end up scuttled like a flipped turtle on the floor. In this way, these outdoor bean bag are more akin to a chair, fully supporting a more traditional seating position. The back and higher seat position also help when getting up from the bean bag – removing the embarrassment of the hand-on-floor scramble to stand of some of its cheaper cousins. In fact, it is perfectly possible to stand while holding a glass of chilled white wine in one hand and a paper plate of barbequed goodness in the other.

It also looks as good as it feels, with eleven choices for colour to match any outdoor design you might already have in place. It’s lightweight, allowing you to move it around effortlessly, and fits just as well in the home as the garden. You can even take it camping or to the beach and be the envy of your friends.

All in all, the outdoor bean bag is a sure-fire hit with the whole family and will be the most argued over seat in the garden – unless, of course, you buy enough for all.


Posted on May 25 2017
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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