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Buyers Guide: Garden Loungers


There are many factors to consider when choosing your garden furniture, and selecting the right loungers comes right at the top of the list. Garden loungers and the even more luxurious garden daybed are the types of outdoor seating that are the most fun to buy. Why? Because they're also the most fun to use. What could be more relaxing than snuggling into a plush rattan daybed, or soaking up the rays on a carefully crafted sun lounger?

When the summer hits and you want to start using your garden as a living room, it's wise to weigh up your needs to decide on which garden loungers are for you. 


Firstly, think about what kind of comfort level you are looking for in a garden lounger. Obviously, you want to be comfortable, but do you want a firm support for your back or would you rather something opulent that your whole body sinks into? Knowing this will help you choose between chaise sofas, loungers and garden day beds.


Secondly, if you want to sit up and read in your seat or you simply prefer to have a strong built-in head support then consider investing in a lounger with a lifted headrest. Many such models feature a headrest that is adjustable allowing for maximum comfort at all times.

Also available are garden loungers with adjustable feet, which allow you to stay steady even when on uneven terrain, and loungers that come fitted with wheels that enable you to transport them around your garden with ease. This ease-of-movement means that, if desired, you can store away your outdoor furniture during the winter with no problem at all.


Another thing to mull over is the activity for which you'll mostly be using your garden loungers. Do you want to sunbathe, read, chat with friends or loved ones, or curl up and watch TV shows and films on a tablet? If you can see yourself doing the latter, then perhaps a garden daybed complete with scatter cushions and canopy is for you.

Yet if you know you'd rather lie back and sip a cool drink with a friend by your side, then opt instead for a pair of chic loungers that come with a matching side table for your magazines and drinks.


Lastly, consider what material you would like your outdoor furniture to be made of. There are many processes that manufacturers use to make their products more durable and practical, so look for materials that are UV treated, fade-resistant, easy to clean and which also dry easily (so that the inevitable spot of British summer rain poses no problem).

Bearing all these in mind, you should be able to find the garden lounger that is perfect for your needs!


Posted on July 05 2017
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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